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About us

Orange Organics was founded with a passion for healthy living and an environment-friendly outlook. All our products are certified and entirely made in India by implementing production practices which conforms fully to the organic processing standards and are from a line that is committed to sustainability, recycling, non-chemical alternatives and practicing fair trade. We work with manufacturing units in India to bring the widest selection of high quality fabrics and garments to consumers and manufacturers in a cost-effective manner. We produce a wide range of products as per our customers' design specifications for baby clothing, men's & women's yoga/active wear and T- shirts, towels & home furnishings.
In order to create a socially conscious, eco-friendly and organically sustainable environment, we at Orange Organics use sustainably grown fibres like bamboo and organically grown cotton for our fabrics, garments & home furnishings products.

As a young and socially conscious company, we attempt and intend to help make our planet safe for our children and future generations.